Upcoming Events


Autumn term 1 -Monday 12th September – Friday 21st October


Half Term 24th October to 28th October

Autumn Term 2- Monday 31st October – Friday 16th December


Christmas Holiday – 19th December – 2nd January

Returning to preschool TUESDAY 3rd January 2023

Topics and special dates this term


September – All About Me
October - Animals


Special days to tie in with our themes

13th September – Positive thinking day- to tie in with our topic all about me this week we will be encouraging the children to say what they like about each other and themselves.

21st September – National Fitness day – Look at what impact exercise has on our bodies, feel our heart beats, think about our food what we eat, what makes un healthy.

4th October – World animal day – to tie in with our topic, we can look at animals, our pets, farm animals, wild animals

21st October – Reptile awareness day – Looking at reptiles, where they live, what they feel like

Other Special days this term

25th – 27th September- Rosh Hashanah – Jewish new year.

All of October -Harvest Festival – We will be collecting food for the local food bank

4th – 10th October – Space week

24th October – Diwali – The festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists.

31st October – Halloween