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Fees and Funding...

"Fantastic pre-school, my little boy thoroughly enjoys his sessions and enjoys all the activities, toys and resources available. The setting is very inviting and he has a great bond with all the staff members. 

As parents we love the fact that the setting offers a mix of adult let activities as well as child led, so we know that although he can choose what he wants to play with, there is also structure through the adult led activities, which has definitely helped him."

Session fees will be charged at £5.40 per hour for children under 3 years old and £5.00 per hour for children 3 years and over.

An invoice will be issued at the end of each half term for the following half term and we ask that all fees are paid within the first fortnight of each term. Should there be a problem, please contact our business manager Tina Miller  on 01278 734636 or by e-mail at 

Funding can be used for all morning and afternoon sessions, however all lunch sessions are payable at £2 per session which is to cover supervision cost during this period not provision of food. There is also a daily fee of £1.50 for 'Snack and Consumables'.

Upon enrolment you will receive a form to complete in order to receive the funding for your children, beginning the term after they turn 3 years old. 

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