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Stowey bears use the Tapestry online learning journal  system to store, update and analyse the childrens observations, photographs, next steps and overall progress.


What is tapestry? 


An easy-to-use online learning journal, Tapestry helps educators and parents to record, track and celebrate children's progress in early years education.

Nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes are fun-packed and busy. From messy play and first steps to learning phonics and new games, there's so much for children to do, learn and take in.

Tapestry enhances this special time, helping teachers and practitioners to capture children's experiences as well as monitor development and learning. This unique journal is shared online with parents, who are able to see special moments and view their child's progress.

Text, images and videos can be easily uploaded via PC, tablet or our mobile app - anywhere there's an online connection. Every entry helps to create a complete story of a child's time at nursery, pre-school or school.

Tapestry covers the Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 groups and is designed to simplify and improve recording within these curricula. Information can be filtered and displayed in different ways, and assessments and statements can be made for each entry.

This means there is no need for using ring binders or scrapbooks as learning records, or time consuming written notes and glued-in photos. When children leave the setting you can provide parents with a permanent version of their child's journal as a keepsake, either as a hard copy or on CD.


Observations by Parents

One of the fantastic features of Tapestry is that parents can also add observations/wow moments from home to your child’s journal. This is a great way of supporting us in assessing your child outside the school environment, it also provides us with opportunities to celebrate any achievements your child has made at home. Staff follow the guidelines above to ensure that the observations we
make are purposeful and detailed, in a similar way we would appreciate it if you could follow the
guidelines below.


1. Add a title to your observation to summarise your moment e.g. Feeding the ducks

2. When writing your observation keep it simple. Try and record what your child said in their exact words and then comment on why this is a wow moment eg. ‘X was excited to feed the ducks, she said “Look that duck is big than that
duck”. X is starting to point out the differences between different objects.’
‘X went to her cousin’s birthday party, she spent lots of time bouncing on the
trampoline without help and taught her cousin how to jump and turn around
at the same time.’


3. If you wish, you can then add a photo or video to your observation (please keep videos to a maximum of 1 minute long).


We look forward to sharing these special moments with you! 



Parents click here to log into your child's tapestry account


"A friendly, joyful preschool. Every time our daughter comes out she always has a smile on her face and speaks of the day she has had. Lovely teachers and couldn't ask for a better preschool to start her off."

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